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Žilvinas Domas Šakalis
Vilnius, Lithuania





Fireplace accessories



Metal plastics



     In the ancient Lithuanian mythology, God Blacksmith (counterpart of the Greek Hephaestus) was a helper of Thunder (Zeus). God Blacksmith was related with fire and water and held the forger of miraculous weapons. It was believed that he made the Sun and the Moon and hung them on the firmament. He abides on earth, rich in metal, because in heaven one finds only rocks, of which God Thunder makes his axes and arrows...
     During long years of practicing forging I have acquired a lot of skill and experience in the craft. Currently I am focused on artwork and functional-decorative-ironwork. On individual commissions, I forge original household utensils and functional-decorative interior details, like balustrades, furniture pieces, chandeliers and candleholders, fireplace fittings and similar. My work can be seen in Lithuania and outside it: in Norway, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, the USA and Russia.

Žilvinas Domas Šakalis

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